About Our Farm

Hello, my name is Brandon Bouthillette and I manage my family’s farm in Smithfield, Rhode Island where we humanely raise antibiotic-free, no-added-hormones, pasture-fed, 100% Black Angus cattle and 100% pedigreed American Heritage Berkshire pigs.


Blackbird Farm began with my mother and father. First, back in 1978, when my dad Kevin purchased our family home. Then, when dad married my mom Ann Marie in 1984, she brought her love of raising Black Angus cattle to their expanding home. Growing up with my older sister Samantha and younger brother Troy, we all learned how to care for the animals and took them to competitions at fairs and cattle shows. I really loved it and over time became an expert at breeding 100% Black Angus cattle using American Angus Association data sheets full of detailed genetic profile information.


Shows led to meat production and my breeding knowledge allowed us to raise some of the highest quality meat animals in the USA right here in Smithfield, Rhode Island. In 2008 my mom took it upon herself to begin selling direct to restaurants and soon our beef, and eventually pork, was flying out of the store freezer. The name Blackbird Farm started to be seen on the menus of some of the best restaurants in New England, that brought the public calling, and demand increased. Thankfully, through preserving farmland over the years, our family’s property grew to over 200 acres. I was able to expand our production to, on average, 250 head of cattle and 300 pigs.


In 2016 I married my wife Sarah and she became an important part of the farm, managing our inventory and handling deliveries. We moved into a farmhouse on our family property and started our own family. Sarah and I now have two daughters, Loretta Marie and Lily Ana Mae. This farm has been an important part of my family’s life since before I was born and I hope it’s still here providing food for people long after my daughters have taken over and I’ve moved on.


Thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture, our local small business community and my family by purchasing our meats.


Our oldest daughter Loretta bottle feeding a calf that lost it's mama cow.