Pork, Half Pig

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    Pork, Half Pig

    Approximately 79 lbs. of cuts

    Cuts may include:

    • Twelve chops, one rack of spare ribs and one tenderloin
    • Two each of Boston butt roasts, boneless picnic roasts and smoked hams
    • Smoked bacon including eight packages of sliced bacon (belly), one of guanciale (jowl) and three packages of diced ends
    • Five pounds of ground pork, two packages each of maple breakfast links and sweet Italian pork sausages, and one package each of bratwurst, chouri├žo and kielbasa
    • Two hocks and two trotters
    A savings of $80 over buying separate cuts!



    Blackbird Farm is offering boxes of meat with a variety of cuts at a discounted price. Cut counts are approximate and are contingent upon package weights.