Eighth of Beef

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    Eighth of Beef

    Approximately 50 lbs. of cuts

    Cuts may include:

    • Steaks, including two each of bone-in rib eyes, London broil, sirloins, skirt and t-bones, and one each of flank, porterhouse and sirloin tips
    • Three roasts including round, tip and chuck
    • Ten pounds of ground beef and ten pounds of patties ranging from 4 to 8 ozs. in size
    • One cut brisket, one package each of short ribs, shanks, stew meat and bones
    A savings of $160 over buying separate cuts!


    Free 1 lb. package of our Ground Beef with any order $99 or more!: $10.99


    Blackbird Farm is offering boxes of meat with a variety of cuts at a discounted price. Boxes are packed Monday through Wednesday for pickup at the Farm Stand Thursday through Sunday. You may not order or request what the cuts will be. Cut counts are approximate and are contingent upon package weights.