Quarter of Beef

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    Quarter of Beef

    Approximately 110 lbs. of cuts

    Cuts may include:

    • Steaks, including four each of bone-in rib eyes and sirloins, and two each of porterhouse, sirloin strips, sirloin tip kabobs, skirt and t-bones, and one each flank
    • Six roasts including two top round, two chuck, one tri-tip, and one sirloin cap (picanha)
    • Twenty-five pounds of ground beef and 22.5 pounds of 6 oz. patties (15 packages)
    • One brisket flat, four packages of English cut short ribs, two packages each of shanks and stew meat, and one package each of marrow bones, neck bones and soup/knuckle bones
    A savings of $105 over buying separate cuts!



    Blackbird Farm is offering boxes of meat with a variety of cuts at a discounted price. Cut counts are approximate and are contingent upon package weights.